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Josep Lupion | Facial Artist

Josep Lupión, 20 years dedicated to health and beauty. Discover the most sophisticated natural lifting treatment that exists. KOBIDO®

● Kobido® Facial Massage 90 minutes.

Price: €300
Kobido® is the most sophisticated manual technique that exists. It is an incomparable experience from start to finish for the person who receives it, it cannot be explained, you have to feel it. A beautiful flowing choreography, unique for each face, perfect and delicate. Kobido® is a true ritual of rejuvenation, which comes from the ancestral tradition of the Imperial Court of Japan. Its virtues are both aesthetic and energetic.
This beauty treatment acts on expression wrinkles, loosens the features, smoothes the skin, restores the oval of the face and activates microcirculation for a more beautiful, lively and firm skin. But it also does a job with our emotions, the mirror of our true beauty.

Josep's interest in learning leads him to the source of the best facialist professionals. That is why, after training in Japanese facial massage and falling in love with it, he heads towards its origin, which is none other than the KOBIDO® lineage. After long periods of training with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki 26th generation of the lineage, he is certified as a «Licensed Kobido® Facialist».
He repeats the same thing with the Sculptural Face Lifting technique, training with its creator Yakov Gershkovich.
Josep in his facet of training given as a facialist spreads this knowledge, teaching and transmitting is a fundamental value for Kobido® Natural Beauty. Always practicing a philosophy of worshiping the natural, non-invasive, non-surgical and totally healthy body.

Information and reservations: Josep Lupión Wellness SeaSkin Life Monument .

The KOBIDO facial massage, whose lineage has more than 540 years of history, has been developed based on a series of own techniques transmitted for 26 generations since 1472 by the masters of the KOBIDO house that allow the facial features to be raised again and restore the beauty of youth to the face.

Movements of percussion, drainage, vibration, stimulation, pressure, relaxation or muscle re-education, among others, are combined throughout the massage creating the unique experience that characterizes this treatment, whose execution borders on the artistic.

KOBIDO means in Japanese "the ancient way of beauty"


  • Flabby or aged skin
  • Skins with impurities, dehydrated or without luminosity
  • People with muscle tension or stress, TMJ syndrome or migraines

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