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Beseaskin Bebloom Meadow [detox & renew]

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Bebloom Meadow Face & Body is a 100% organic, nourishing Floral Infusion , a capricious mix of Mediterranean flowers and herbs that nourish, brighten, detoxify and renew skin and hair cells, through this magical and ceremonial ritual.

size: 50g


Chamomile: Decongests and softens. It stabilizes the skin and also exerts a calming action on the nerve endings. Detoxifies, purifies, calms and is anti-inflammatory; therefore, it is ideal for keeping the skin deflated and decongested.
Rose: Antiaging action, leaves the skin smoother and firmer. Anti-inflammatory.
Lavender: Revitalizes the skin and regenerates cells. Calms itching.
Calendula: Regenerates and heals.
Rosemary: Tones and has antiaging properties.
Jasmine: Provides elasticity to the skin, relaxes, calms irritations.
Salvia: Astringent, relaxing and anti-inflammatory.
Linden: Emollient properties, relieves itching and moisturizes dry skin.
Horsetail: Detoxifies and recovers the health of the skin.

RICH IN: Vitamin C, Tannins and Flavonoids.

Anti-inflammatory: Rose, Salvia, Camomile.
Regenerator: Chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine, Linden.
Soothing: Lavender, Rosemary.
Detox: Horsetail.

For all skin types.

The water vapor from the infusion of flowers opens the pores of the skin, deeply cleaning, hydrating and calming the skin.

Thanks to the mixture of flowers you will notice how your body relaxes thanks to the aroma they give off.

Use a small amount of flowers in a bathtub for complete relaxation or in facial and hair mists.

Bebloom Meadow is a perfect blend of flowers and herbs. Its aroma evokes the wild fields and the Mediterranean.

Slow-aging / Empowering-body
100% organic and hypoallergenic cosmetics
Made entirely in Spain
Pure active ingredients
Without adulterating or altering
DO Spain

perfect ritual

After a hard day at work, a hot tub and the evocative floral aroma of Bebloom Meadow is the perfect combination to relax muscles and mind. Immerse yourself in the water and feel how your whole body relaxes.

Cerámica de Seaskin con infusión floral de Beseaskin, 100% orgánica a base de Jazmín y Caléndula sobre unas manos.

Formulas and manufacturing

Pure Active Ingredients | Cold Pressed | Own Artisan Manufacturing | local producers

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sustainable and respectful

We are a cosmetic brand that respects the ecosystem and its natural resources. For your health and that of the planet

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