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SeaSkin STEP 2 Organic Cleansing Lotion

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Step 2 Ecological and natural cleansing lotion, it is the second step of SeaSkin's double cleansing. Thanks to its active ingredients it has a powerful tonic effect, hydrates and rebalances the Ph of your skin, maintaining its natural level. Fights dehydration and creates a protective barrier against external aggressions. The purity of its active ingredients gives it a powerful skin regenerating effect.


Calendula: Natural moisturizer that regenerates the skin and stimulates collagen production. It also protects against free radicals.
Orchid: Cellular renewer that helps reduce spots on the skin and provides illumination.
Propolis: It has antibacterial, regenerative and antioxidant properties. It is used to cleanse the skin, promote the elimination of pimples and blackheads, even out the complexion and calm redness and irritations.

RICH IN: Carotenoids, Flavonoids, Tannins, Taphtodianthrones, Phenolytic Acids, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Polysaccharides, Triterpenes.

Special sensitive skin.

Purifies, hydrates and rebalances the skin's Ph. Activates cellular respiration, giving freshness and vitality to the skin. Oxygenates and illuminates the skin, visibly refining its texture.

Raises self-esteem, helps with insomnia.

Use twice a day morning and night on the face and neck. Apply gently to the “T” zone of the face and then to the “U” zone of the face and neck. A small amount is enough.

It is an oily fluid. Being a product without added perfumes, its aroma is the perfect combination of its natural ingredients.

Slow-aging / Empowering-body
100% organic and hypoallergenic cosmetics
Made entirely in Spain
Pure active ingredients
Without adulterating or altering
DO Spain

perfect ritual

Purify: after using the STEP 1 Cleansing Fluid, apply the STEP 2 Cleansing Lotion to the face and neck to complete the double cleansing of the SeaSkin Ritual. Then apply STEP 3 Renew Facial Essence Serum and finish with STEP 4 Firming & restoring Facial Cream SPF 20.

Formulas and manufacturing

Pure Active Ingredients | Cold Pressed | Own Artisan Manufacturing | local producers

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sustainable and respectful

We are a cosmetic brand that respects the ecosystem and its natural resources. For your health and that of the planet

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