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Anti Acne Set


Detox Facial Set is the perfect pack to carry out your facial cleansing at home. Home Spa for your skin with 100% organic and natural products, cleanses, tones and moisturizes in depth.

Bebalm Cleanser 100ml: Cleansing balm that purifies your face in a natural, conscious and respectful way. Its moisturizing and regenerating effects make it a powerful antioxidant. Emotionally it conveys a sense of peace and relaxation. Excellent makeup remover.

Seathermal 100ml: Facial and body toner. Refreshes, hydrates and tones the skin. After sun, aura mist, after shave. It is relaxing, helps with anxiety and stress.

Superfood FaceMask 50gr: Antiaging, antioxidant and toning facial mask. Repairs the skin from inclement weather.

Bebalm Cleanser 100ml: Coconut and Jojoba Oils, Cocoa and Mango Butter, Chamomile and Lavender essential oils.
Seathermal 100ml: THERMAL WATER from the Royal Spa of Las Caldas and POSIDONICOXYGEN@MARIS AQUA MARINE CONCENTRATE from the island of Menorca
Superfood FaceMask 50gr: Cranberry Extract, Wheatgrass Extract, Rose Hips, Moringa Extract, Royal Jelly Extract


STEP 1: Clean the entire face with Bebalm Cleanser, remove with a towel moistened with warm water.
STEP 2 : Spray Seathermal to tone the face.
STEP 3 : With a small spoonful of Superfood FaceMask and a few sprays of Seathermal you will have a magnificent facial mask that will nourish your entire face.
Perform this routine once a week to have a more hydrated and nourished skin.

Bebalm Cleanser: Aceites de Coco y Jojoba, Manteca de Cacao y Mango, Aceites esenciales de Camomila y Lavanda.

Seathermal: AGUA TERMAL del Real Balneario de Las Caldas y CONCENTRADO MARINO POSIDONICOXYGEN@MARIS AQUA de la isla de Menorca.

Superfood FaceMask: Extracto de Arándanos Rojos, extracto de Wheatgrass, Escaramujo, Extracto de Moringa, Extracto de Jalea Real.

Slow-aging / Empowering-body
100% organic and hypoallergenic cosmetics
Made entirely in Spain
Pure active ingredients
Without adulterating or altering
DO Spain

perfect ritual

PASO 1: Limpia todo el rostro con Bebalm Cleanser, retira con una toalla humedecida en agua tibia.
PASO 2: Pulveriza Seathermal para tonificar el rostro.
PASO 3: Con una pequeña cucharada de Superfood FaceMask y unas pulverizaciones de Seathermal tendrás una magnífica mascarilla facial que nutrirá todo tu rostro.
Realiza esta rutina 1 vez por semana para tener un cutis más hidratado y nutrido.

Formulas and manufacturing

Pure Active Ingredients | Cold Pressed | Own Artisan Manufacturing | local producers

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sustainable and respectful

We are a cosmetic brand that respects the ecosystem and its natural resources. For your health and that of the planet

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