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On November 11, SeaSkin held its V Summit at the Valparaíso hotel for spa professionals.

At 10 in the morning, the event began with the presentation of the star treatment of the SeaSkin line, the "Glow" facial treatment based on nature: it combines the benefits of beekeeping, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy with an immediate visible result. It is indicated to deeply hydrate, oxygenate and regenerate the skin, treating the signs of aging in a unique way.

The Seawave Bodyscrub Detox body treatment was then presented, a body exfoliation with a delicious mixture of Shea butter, with sweet almond oil from Mallorca, water from the Real Balneario de las Caldas de Oviedo and essential oils.

And finally, the "Beauty Superfood" facial treatment, the first treatment that includes foods considered "superfoods", such as Wheatgrass and Moringa, which activate energy and cell regeneration, nourishing and preventing skin aging in a unique way.