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Ecoluxury biocosmetics, daily use and high power of efficacy.
With a sophisticated and Eco-conscious style.

SEASKIN is formulated from Biotechnology, with API & PHYTO (Beekeeping - Botany) organic active ingredients, giving life to products specialized in the awakening of cells, through a process worthy of the most sophisticated alchemy. It embodies the elegance of simplicity, with results that satisfy the most demanding and refined skin, leaving it exceptionally radiant, toned, energized and noticeably more sculpted, with a revitalized appearance.

SEASKIN looks to the past and the future, to nature and science,
working in favor of the skin with active ingredients of high concentration and purity.

SeaSkin intertwines the ancient wisdom of ancient naturopathic knowledge to the reality of technological knowledge, scientific research and results of epigenetics. This allows us to use innovative, healthy, healing and safe active ingredients that nourish and benefit our skin, its barrier function and its natural microbiome, to not only look but feel healthy, thanks to healthy skin.

Because a smooth and luminous skin is above all a healthy skin.

SeaSkin products fight inflammation and free radicals, promote the skin's innate ability to renew and regenerate with sublime textures. The result? What we call 'SeaSkin Glow', that light that radiates healthy, hydrated and nourished skin, with a natural glow that reflects inner and outer beauty where the important thing is not only to look but to feel healthy.

Cosmetics for the Soul.

Discover the SeaSkin Collection, a luxury for your skin.

Gendeless, functional, and effective biocosmetics with a marked Mediterranean, contemporary, slow and conscious spirit.

Connect with nature in its purest form.

The Beseaskin Collection is inspired by the aromatic nature of the Mediterranean, where the alchemy of Aromatherapy sublimates all its raw botanical power. Botanical, marine and beehive active ingredients.


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In Raw We believe.

Slowly macerated products, infused with the Mediterranean essence, prepared "Cold pressed" to keep the vital force of its ingredients intact. The objective is to support skin regeneration and control free radicals, through the synergy of ingredients, proteins, enzymes, Retinol and vitamins.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.

Beseaskin cosmetics have a modern and holistic look towards body-mind-spirit care. Holistic medicinal wisdom in synergy with aromatherapy, to awaken the senses and enhance the self-healing of the skin.

Formulas and manufacturing

Pure Active Ingredients | Cold Pressed | Own Artisan Manufacturing | local producers

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sustainable and respectful

We are a cosmetic brand that respects the ecosystem and its natural resources. For your health and that of the planet

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