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QUARTZ CRYSTAL - heals and removes negative energies

Crystal quartz is one of the most beneficial minerals. Collect the energy, power it, amplify it and direct it where you want it.

It is widely used to heal and eliminate negative energies in your life due to its healing properties.

Of all the minerals, crystal quartz is perhaps the best known and at the same time the most unknown. It is composed of silica, belongs to the group of oxides and is crystallized by high pressures and geological temperatures in rhombic systems. It is one of the most common in the earth's crust and is also one of the minerals that brings you the most benefits. As a curious fact, I tell you that what feeds the Earth's magnetic field are quartz crystals.

One of its most notable characteristics is its purity and hardness .

It is completely colorless when the base is pure, but when it is influenced by other minerals at the time of crystallization it can be dyed other colors.

Quartz is characterized by its support, that is, by the amount of energy it can withstand. It is important because he also keeps it inside himself and expands it around him.

It is a stone of protection as well. It will always amplify positive energy and reject or eliminate negative energy.

Crystal quartz has always been in all cultures. It is present both on altars and on tables because it is a mineral that focuses energy. Since ancient times, crystal quartz has been considered a precious gem. The prestige it had then is much higher than it has today.

According to its type of color we have:


Rose quartz is one of the healing stones most used by crystal therapy professionals. It generates a feeling of well-being for women since it eliminates the possible burdens that she may have in the ability to give and receive from the heart. Helps balance emotional and sexual energy. It will help you express feelings calmly, eliminating stress, jealousy, anger, anguish... This type of quartz destroys negative energies, replacing them with loving vibrations. You release all the sorrows that you may have, as well as the emotions that you have not expressed.


It is very suitable for the endocrine and nervous system. It helps you purify and harmonize the environment where you place this type of quartz as it transforms negative energies into positive ones. Rubbing this type of mineral on the exact spot where it hurts can help you get rid of your headache. It is a stone of power, justice, energy and purity.

Smoky Quartz:

It is perfect for healing due to its energetic capacity and its ultrasonic frequency. It is very indicated to meditate and find what you are looking for. It pushes you all the good impulses you have to achieve your personal and material improvement. Calm, relax and silk. It is considered to be the magician's quartz as it is able to remove your negativity and allows you to become aware of the here and now. It can help you focus. To put their feet on the ground especially to those women who are dreamers and who do not live reality but in a continuous fantasy.

Citrine Quartz:

Both the nervous and digestive systems are highly indicated. It helps you raise your self-esteem and eliminates the possible tendency you may have to self-destruct or criticize yourself. It helps to solve problems and make decisions quickly so that intellectual activity benefits.


It is called milky quartz and is one of the most common varieties. This is created from the small amounts of gas or liquid that are trapped when the crystals are forming. For this reason it is its white color. This type of quartz is widely used in decoration due to the fluids that exist inside it. It is precisely the cloudiness that exists in the mineral that prevents it from being used both in the field of optics and electronics.

It helps to release possible physical blockages that you have in the body, it helps natural energies such as meridian points, reflexology points. Balance the energy of these physical points both positive and negative. Quartz will transmit to you above all balance.

Quartz corrects normal energy patterns that may be causing discomfort or illness.


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