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SeaSkin Life & HOLI YOGA® Let's start 2021 with a lot of energy!

We want to tell you about a new member of the SeaSkin Life family, Lucrecia Sarmiento Cotte, founder of HOLI YOGA, one of the most effective programs for the practice of yoga and meditation based in Mallorca.

Lulu brings us an immediate transformation program to close this 2020 and start 2021 full of energy and vitality. It will help us modify areas of our life that you want to improve (family, relationships, work) in order to adopt a healthier philosophy of life.

Lulu is an internationally certified yoga coach and meditation guide, her gift is helping people change their lives because she transformed her own. For this reason, he shares the transformation method with everyone.

Organize free yoga meditations in different countries of the world: Mallorca meditates, Río meditates, Mar del Plata meditates, Rishikesh meditates, Muscat meditates.

Lulu has created a MasterClass as part of SeaSkin Mindful Breathing where she will take us on a personal, individual, guided meditation to reduce stress, improve performance, self-knowledge and personal awareness through the observation of our own mind and well-being of others thanks to the HOLI YOGA® program which is based on practicing a few minutes a day meditation, conscious breathing, the exercise of the body and gratitude.

Learn to implement in our daily routine one of the most effective programs for the practice of meditation to achieve what we all aspire to: 

be happy and abundant, thank you Lucrecia Sarmiento Cotte founder of HOLI YOGA® for sharing your experience!

At SeaSkinlife you will find this online course for yourself or to give away and be able to practice whenever and wherever you want!



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